Above Our Heads

With an apocalyptic storm extinguishing all life to biblical proportions, there is the last family, amdist a vast metallic ocean, valiantly struggling to stay afloat. With the souls of the dead propelling the few that remain at the surface from underneath, a mother, a father and their four sons, witness one another parish, and ultimately betray one another to survive under an omnipotent tiger, perched atop the mountain with its young safe at its feet. And when the last of the sons observes himself alone on the mountaintop, rain on his face and fear in his heart next to mother tiger and her cubs ostensibly safe and outliving his family, he understands the pure dispensability of humanity, and resigns himself to the waters, where his family and all his kind, belong.  

Below Our Feet

Deep under the crust of the Earth, imprisoned inside the deep darkness of a cave, a primitive race of people are growing. There is an orifice above them to the light of the sun and the world outside where only birds are visible. These are the deities of the cave dwellers and so begins a new culture, enslaved by religion.  But when a young boy begins to grow wings, he is shamed and persecuted by his clergy. His mother, once the one who protected him and kept his secret safe, is now brought in front of all her people to take action against her own son. And with hysteria in her eyes, she acquiesces to them all and chews her son's wings off for all to see in a harrowing ceremony, no longer serving her god, but serving the false beliefs that were taught to her by the cave dwellers before her.

How You Can Help

 We are not simply making a narrative short film or music video (there is no dialogue or lyrics for that matter), so there is no specified platform for this kind of film, which leads to the biggest challenge of all : MONEY. But we do believe in the power of cinema and challenging the way people perceive film, art, language and humanity. We believe that something as fragile as an idea can change the way we live our lives, which is what all art should do, is it not?

In the Spring of 2012, Taxiplasm, with the support of ContaminateNYC will be hosting a performance/art event  featuring live performances by Sean Lennon and more to help raise funds for our mythic films. If you are a visual artist and would like to join our creative team and have your work auctioned off, visit our Call To Artists page for more details.

If you believe in the infinite power of images and their ability to change the world, If you believe that art should not answer the ultimate questions but instead ask better ones to seek new answers, If you believe in revolutionizing the way people interpret art of all mediums and consequently challenging the way they understand themselves and the universe, then a donation of any amount is sincerely appreciated. Click the donate button below to be part of this project and be included in our credits!